Normandy wedding photographer

Hi there !

Who am I ?

My name is Kevin Corroyer, and I am a wedding (and elopement) photographer located in Normandy(near the Landing beaches. I have been capturing beautiful moments for couples throughout France for the past three years.
I draw inspiration from the moment "in-between" to capture authenticity in my photography style. If you want images that truly represent who you are, I may be the perfect choice for you.

How can I help you ?

Are you uncomfortable when being photographed and concerned about how it may impact the quality of your pictures?
It's common to feel anxious during a wedding, but I'm here to help you feel at ease and embrace your true self. I'll capture this special moment and create a beautiful story you can remember for years.

Here is a list of some beautiful (and popular) locations in Normandy...

- Etretat : This place has become popular over the last year, and it can be challenging to access the beach or the cliff because of tourists. But on the other hand, this location remains gorgeous if you want to do your couple session there or even elope. I will be honored to help you through this process and make it real.

- The Mont St Michel : If you're planning a wedding in the area, make sure to visit this landmark located in the southern part of the region. It's definitely worth seeing.

- The Landing beaches : If you have a passion for history, it may be an area of interest worth exploring. Additionally, the sandy beaches in the environs provide excellent opportunities for taking photographs.

- Honfleur : The city has a stunning port and a Woodchurch, providing numerous locations to host a wedding with a view of the Estuaire de la Seine.

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