28 November 2022

Elopement on the Normandy coastline (France)

Sabrina and Geoffrey decided to elope in Normandy near Etretat on a lovely autumn day in November. As locals, they wanted to make their wedding day unique and memorable. A year ago, they got married in a traditional manner. However, they confided in me that they felt rushed throughout the event and couldn’t truly enjoy it. Consequently, they decided to have a more intimate celebration, just the two of them, without any guests. They reached out to me six months prior to their wedding to inquire about elopement. They were enthusiastic about the idea but wanted to keep it local and stress-free, so they could truly savor the moment without any distractions. I suggested to the couple that they didn’t necessarily have to go far to elope and that they could choose any location they desired. They agreed to have their elopement in Normandy, and I assisted them in planning and executing the event. Together, we found a beautiful and secluded spot near Etretat, offering a breathtaking view from the cliff.
It took us around 30 minutes of walking to reach the spot. The weather was pleasant – a sunny day with some clouds. As the sunset approached, the tourists were making their way back to their cars, leaving the seaside. Upon our arrival, we found ourselves almost alone on the cliff. We could spot some surfers on the beach, relishing the peaceful ambiance of the moment. The bride and groom were getting ready and enjoying the stunning scenery. I had actually known this lovely couple for two years before they decided to elope. We had a great time during their couple’s session, filled with lots of joy and fun!
It was a beautiful time to start – around six o’clock, with the sun setting and casting a warm orange glow. We walked around the area on the edge of the cliff to find the perfect spot to begin. Eventually, we stumbled upon a stunning location with a view of the sea and the sunset where the brides could exchange their vows. It was such a special moment when they shared the heartfelt words they had written for each other. I could feel the depth of emotion in those words. It was so lovely to capture the moment without any outside influences. We found a great spot on a cliff and took some fantastic photos until it got dark. Then we headed down to the beach and took some shots in the darkness. We used lanterns to lighten things up and create a peaceful atmosphere, with nothing but the sound of the waves around us. It was just the two of them enjoying the moment in this beautiful setting.
Thanks for reading this story about elopement! It’s such a memorable and unforgettable experience compared to traditional weddings. I can’t wait to share the next story with you soon. Take care, everyone!